webpicReign in Life is the ministry vision of Chris Ortiz (“C. J.”), and this site seeks to advance the Kingdom of God by maximizing your life. To maximize means to make as great or large as possible—in other words, it means to exhaust the true potential of every gift, talent, relationship, or resource you have in order to extend the reign of Christ in this world.

Although “reign in life” is taken directly from Romans 5:17, the theme of maximizing one’s life for the Kingdom of God is taken from the parable of the minas in Luke 19:11-26. In this parable, our Lord illustrates that the nobleman’s kingdom was extended by means of the servants multiplying the minas, or talents, given to them. The only servant punished was the one who kept his mina hidden. He saw the mina as the “end” instead of the “means to an end,” and therefore protected it. All that God gives us are means to an end—the “end” being the realized Kingdom of God on earth—and should be maximized for the greatest benefit of God and man.

God calls us to exhaust our resources in order to extend His reign, and the Bible is filled with the ways and means to doing that if the believer will first embrace by faith the dominion mandate and then work tirelessly to maximize their potential. This web site is dedicated to providing some of the tools and principles necessary to truly make one live the Kingdom-Driven Life.

C. J. Ortiz has served in a ministry capacity for a quarter century and is presently a working writer, preacher, consultant, and Kingdom coach. His edgy, direct style of communication penetrates hearts and minds, although it doesn’t acquire him a lot of friends—at least not at first! But personal transformation requires an uncompromising and honest approach to the hindrances we set for ourselves and it is the only effective means to truly confronting the kingdom of darkness.

For more information, or to schedule a speaking engagement, you can contact C. J. at kingdomdrivenlife@gmail.com.